Auburn Football: Is It Here Yet?

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Considering this has been a summer of discontent as far as summer is concerned, I cannot wait for Auburn football to start.

This will be an exciting year I believe. The ingredients are there to make for a spectacular season, and expectations should not be low for this football team. I cannot tell you if this Auburn team will vie for the BCS title, but they sure will contend for the Western Division crown as they seemingly do every single year.

I am not too concerned with the quarterbacks as far as talent goes. Both Chris Todd and Kodi Burns are exceptional athletes who are good at what they do. I enjoy the fact that our first two games allow these young guys to take hold of what will come of this new offense this season. Either one will be a great fit for Auburn.

Running backs? Sure, we got them. Plenty of them. Wide receivers? We have them too, and I believe they will do more than people think they will. Offensive line? One of, if not THE, best in the SEC.

Defense, same ole, same ole as far as scheme. The depth at defensive line and secondary are a bit shaky, but we will see how things turn out.

The simple fact is that I am optimistic about this season. I like who we have, what we got, and the fans to back this team. This team has the ability to go undefeated as well as lose up to four games this year. That is why I am excited about this team, cause no one really knows what will happen.

Either way, I will still be screaming "WAR EAGLE!" in victory or defeat. Just if your an Auburn fan, you have to like the situation we are in and what is on the horizon. Be excited Auburn faithful, this will be a season to remember for the better. I feel it, and I hope you do as well.