A Comment on Tiger's #2

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Below you will see #3 and #2 in Tiger Histalmos' top five most memorable Auburn Football games. Let me add a some comments about #2.

Auburn had lost to Arkansas the week before in what turned out to be Darren McFadden's coming out party. It was at Jordan-Hare, a game we were supposed to win, and it was a crushing blow to the fans. Tiger and I were getting ready to preview the upcoming Florida game. Most people would have wanted to talk to the coaches about how they were going to stop Tebow and Leak, but I knew that there was only one person who could tell me if Auburn was going to win: Chette Williams.

Chette Williams, or Brother Chette, is the Auburn Football team chaplain. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, take it. No one knows the player's psyche better than Brother Chette. After a crushing loss the previous week, I went to ask him if they could recover, if they could get off the mat and beat a team that was probably better on paper. When I left that office, I knew Auburn would beat Florida.

And what a game it was. Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News later said that he had not heard Jordan-Hare Stadium that loud since the 1989 Iron Bowl. Read Tiger's account below, and remember a game that was truly a classic for the ages.