Early Expectations

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The media last week picked Auburn to the SEC West. There's good news and bad news associated with that.

Good News: It means Auburn has built a fine program that is getting a lot of respect (blah, blah, forget I actually wrote that).

Good News: They didn't pick us to win the whole conference. That dubious kiss of death fell upon the Florida Gators. As you know, the media gets the conference champion right, so I'd say that makes Georgia the real favorite to win the conference, with Auburn close behind.

Bad News: By picking Auburn, the media did not endow us with an experience starting quarterback; they didn't give us a roster full of players who are experienced with their respective coordinator's system; and, they didn't grant us immunity from injury problems.

Can Auburn win the West? The answer to that question is yes every year, no matter what the media says. This year may be their best chance, since every other team except Mississippi State is going through some kind of upheaval. But this team has a lot of questions to answer between now and August 30. The fact fact that we open up against Louisiana-Monroe and Southern Miss is a big help, because it will allow them to work out kinks and hopefully get a lot of players some playing time. Personally, I always reserve my predictions about who will win the West until after the LSU game. The answer is usually pretty clear after that. Yeah, I know LSU doesn't have a starting quarterback right now. And if I let that make me think that they can't still beat us and win the division, I'm fooling myself.

Yes Auburn could be very good this year. They could also be very mediocre. If you don't mind the threat of disappointment, please continue to ride the wave that the media created last week. If you're right, you can tell me "I told you so." I promise I'll be to happy to mind.

Oh, one final word of caution: Please do not go bragging to your Crimson-leaning acquaintances about how we're the favorites to win the West. That just makes us look desperate. And you know how God likes to humble Auburn when we get upidy like that.