#3: September 18, 2004 - No. 14 Auburn 10, No. 5 LSU 9

This game to me was the pinnacle of a wild week. School had closed for three days to prepare for and go through Hurricane Ivan, which hit the area that Thursday. I remember it well—as soon as word got out that there was to be football on Saturday, the parking lot and RV parking lots filled up more quickly than I ever saw in my days as a student. The game did not disappoint either.

It was a game for the ages. LSU took the opening possession and drove down the field, scoring a touchdown but missing the extra point attempt. Auburn responded with a field goal, making the score 6-3. LSU would add a field goal of their own to go up 9-3. That score would remain the same through the half. It was nerve-wracking, to say the least.

The third quarter was more of the same, though Auburn did manage to drive deep into LSU territory before turning the ball over on downs. But the fourth quarter is what made this game.
Auburn and LSU exchanged punts until Auburn got the ball with 6:37 left to go in the game. Ronnie Brown broke a 20-yard run into LSU territory that got everyone in the stadium hyped up.

Auburn would then get another first down to the LSU 26. Ronnie Brown was stood up for a two-yard loss, then two incomplete passes by Jason Campbell would make it 4th-and-12.
Auburn called a timeout with 3:07 left to go in the game. Everyone in the stadium knew this play was the game. Everyone was on the edge of their seats.

Out of the timeout, Auburn lined it up against the fighting Tigers of LSU. Campbell took the snap and found Courtney Taylor 14 yards down the field to get the first down at the LSU 14.
Carnell Williams would then lose three yards on a rush. On the next play, Anthony Mix caught a pass from Campbell, but the ball was knocked loose from his grip and landed in the arms of an LSU player.

Luck was on Auburn's side though, as he did not have full possession of the ball before he ran out of bounds. Then on the next play, forever known as "The Catch" among the Auburn faithful, Courtney Taylor would make his first career touchdown catch a memorable one. The stadium erupted in jubilation as Auburn tied the game up 9-9 with 1:14 left to go.

Whoever said lightning does not strike twice must have made this game the exception. On the extra point attempt, John Vaughn missed wide left and kept the game tied. However, a personal foul penalty was called on Ronnie Prude, and Auburn got another shot at taking the lead. The second time around, John Vaughn's kick split the uprights, and Auburn took the 10-9 lead.
On the ensuing possession, JaMarcus Russell drove his squad down the field to the Auburn 44-yard line with 0:16 left to play. On 3rd-and-1, Russel passed over the middle of the field, through the arms of his receiver, and into the hands of Junior Rosegreen.

Junior immediately took to the ground after intercepting the pass, sealing the deal for Auburn upsetting LSU in a game that will forever live on as one of the great games of the decade.
The one thing I remember from that game is that I had never heard the crowd that loud in my years of going to Auburn football games. Little did I know that the next game on my countdown would top this game.

#2: October 14, 2006 - No. 11 Auburn 27, No. 2 Florida 17
This game is rather personal to me in many ways. Auburn had just been upset by Arkansas the week before and fell from No. 2 in the country. I remember interviewing the players after the Arkansas game and seeing in their eyes that they wanted Florida right then and there.

Everyone wrote off the Tigers during that week, but something told me during the week leading up to the game that Auburn would pull it out and showcase pure Auburn football.

Auburn scored first on a John Vaughn field goal in the first quarter to go up 3-0. Florida would respond with a field goal of its own to tie it up 3-3. Then Florida started to take control late in the first quarter and finished their drive with a touchdown to start the second quarter, making it 10-3 Florida.

Auburn would get a safety on a holding penalty by Florida in the end zone and tack on another field goal to make it 10-8. Then Chris Leak drove Florida down the field to the Auburn 16, where Tim Tebow ran the ball in for a touchdown to make it 17-8. I remember how the Florida fans were reacting to the score, and how much I wanted Auburn's defense to shut them up.
Auburn would score another field goal before the half to make it 17-11 going into halftime. It was from then on that Auburn would dominate defensively and on special teams.

Florida received the ball first in the second half but failed to make anything on the drive. Florida would attempt to punt the ball away, but on the snap, the ball was dropped by their punter, and he attempted to punt it away. Auburn blocked the attempt, and Tre Smith picked the ball up, ran, and flipped into the end zone. Auburn would go up 18-17.

The score stayed the same as both teams fought to try to score. The crowd never quit screaming while Auburn was on defense. Auburn played tough defense and the offense just kept eating up clock, doing the one thing that kept them in control—they held off that potent offense by keeping them on the sidelines.

Auburn would eventually score a field goal with 0:32 left in the game to make it 21-17 and force Florida go the length of the field to win the game. Florida would make a last-ditch effort at the end of the game, but they fumbled the ball with no time remaining, and Patrick Lee recovered the ball and ran it into the end zone to add icing to the cake.

Auburn pulled off the impossible that night, and to this day, I have never heard the crowd loud as it was throughout that entire game.