Death, Fan Day, and The Big Media Draw.

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Many things on the Plains has occurred over the last few days.

First off, it is sad for the Auburn family to lose another member. I, like Burns, did not know Sam personally, but to lose another member of the family is very sad. It is even more awkward that the Auburn Network has lost two members within the last decade (the other member being the legendary Jim Fyffe.)

My condolences to the families in their loss, and our prayers be with them in their time of mourning. Sam will be sorely missed.

Second order of business, fan day was yesterday, and it was pandemonium as usual. Its always great to see the fans come out for this day. Its controlled chaos at its finest. My brother ended up with 30 signatures I believe. For me, it was another chance to catch up with old friends that are like me in supporting the orange and blue. It was also time to learn the new faces and familiar ones behind those face masks. It was a fun time to be in Auburn.

Thirdly, if it wasn't already underway, the media's attention to the quarterback race is in full swing. I don't mind the fact that we have a quarterback race underway, its just that, like anything else in the state when it comes to college football, it is being way overblown. Personally, I don't really mind which guy will be taking snaps under Jason Bosley. Both of these young athletes have the talent and capability to run Franklin's spread offense. It goes back to what Pat Dye said back in '89 when Auburn first played Alabama at Jordan-Hare:

"It don't make any difference who's carrying the ball, it don't make any difference who's catching it, who's rushing or passing, or who's making the tackles. Just as long as you got a blue jersey on."

Last time I checked, both of them wear that same blue jersey. Both of them get my equal support, along with all the other gentleman on that field.

More updates to come as the season draws closer.