Death in the Family

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Sam Brumbeloe, Auburn ISP Sports Network Coordinator and executive producer of Auburn basketball and baseball broadcasts, died Thursday night. He is survived by a wife and two kids.

Sam started experiencing severe back pain in October 2007. He went to chiropractors and physical therapists but got no relief. He continued to do his job at the Network, including traveling with basketball broadcasts, despite the pain. I worked for him at the Network during that time. I saw how much pain he was in, and I was amazed that he was able to keep working.

By March 2008, the pain and stiffness became too much. He left the Network, hoping to return when the problem had been cured. His got worse, however, and in June he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I speculate that this was the cause of the back pain all the way back in October 07. Because the cancer was so advanced, radiation treatment proved to be too little too late. On July 28, he was admitted to Bethany House, a hospice at the East Alabama Medial Center in Opelika. He died there three days later.

I didn't know Sam very well, but I talked to the people at the Network about him. He was good, really good at him job. Few people, I'm told, could have handled the behind-the-scenes issues the way Sam did. He will be greatly missed by him family and his collegues.

One final thing: Sam's wife kept an online journal to update friends and family about his situation. Just about every other post contained thanks to all the people who had helped them throughout this trial. That, dear reader, is what it means to be Auburn Men and Women. We take care of our own, right to the end.

Godspeed, Sam. You will be missed. Rest in peace.