Well, its obvious we have some work to do with the passing game. Coach Franklin said he knew it would be rough and he did not do well as a coach tonight. This is something you would hear from a coach. Kodi Burns and Chris Todd wanted to showcase what they had tonight. They just were trying too hard. Plus the cut on Burns's leg made him unavailable the rest of the game. Todd showed some brilliance in that final TD drive, so there was improvement as the game neared its end.

Besides the obvious work needed, the rest of the team was great. Freshman on the defensive side making big plays. Defense setting the tone early with that sack/fumble and scoring the TD on the fumble recovery. Special teams helped out as well with Dunn's TD punt return. And as far as rushing, it seems that Auburn has a three-back tandem that could be one of the best in the nation.

Overall, the team as a whole was good. The passing game and Coach Franklin will catch a lot of crud in the next week, but I wont give any. This is not surprising to me that this happened. Its a new QB, new offense, and new coach. This shouldn't be too shocking to anyone. Be patient Auburn fans.

And one last note: If I hear any person boo our guys again, I will give them a piece of my mind.