Offense: Chris Todd was given a chance to win the starting job outright, and he took it and "ran" with it. Any hope Kodi Burns had of winning a split decision vanished when he threw an interception in the third quarter. The way Todd won the job may not necessarily have been fair, but he won it, and Auburn is going to win a lot of games if he keeps playing like he did Saturday. We will win, that is, if the running backs don't fumble the game away. Ben Tate, Brad Lester and Eric Smith each fumbled once, ending what appeared to be Auburn scoring drives. Fumbles aside, Tate and Lester ran well, as did Tristen Davis, who scored a touchdown on his first carry of the year. The line and the receivers were solid.

Defense: You rarely complain when your defense allows only 13 points. When they allow only 13 points despite your offense losing four turnovers, you take your kids to Dairy Queen to celebrate. The line got to the quarterback from the edges and the inside. The backfield only gave up one big play, and the youngsters are starting to look comfortable. I didn't really notice the linebackers. That probably means they did their job.

Special Teams: A 52-yard field goal. Several big, booming punts. And Robert Dunn almost got a second punt return for a touchdown. He has really impressed me with his vision and patience, but even more so with the way he sets up his blockers. Any stress Eddie Gran felt about his running backs fumbling was equalized by pride in his special teams.

Coaching: Tony Franklin kept Todd in the game the whole first half and was rewarded with solid play. Paul Rhodes got the young guys in, and twenty players had tackles for the defense. And Tuberville had his team ready to play.