Run from the Hype

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This post has been modified from its original content. See note below.

Just a quick note about the spread offense and our expectations for it. Why were we expecting the spread to be an uber-passing offense. Look at the other teams that have run the spread over the last few years, like Utah, Florida and West Virginia. Look at their marque quarterbacks, Alex Smith, Tim Tebow and Pat White. Are those quarterbacks great passers? No (that includes you, Heisman). Are those offenses pass heavy? No. The spread has always been a running offense, eTexas Tech is really the only exception to that in the college game. If Auburn is going to win with the spread, they will do it by running the football. Period.

NOTE: Upon further examination of the statistics, particularly those of the Tony Franklin offense at Troy, I feel I should have said that the spread is a balanced offense. The Trojans averaged 182.6 yards per game rushing and 270.2 yards per game passing. They did, therefore, pass the ball quite a bit. But the still ran the ball, almost as much as they passed. We should not be expecting 80% passing, but rather a 50/50 split of running and passing.