Offense: This is the ultimate audition for Chris Todd. Kodi Burns is limited with a leg injury, and no one knows if he will even play this week. Tony Franklin wants one starting quarterback, and Todd can stake a claim to that spot with a great game today. If he is only average (or worse), expect to see Kodi starting for the SEC opener next week.

Defense: This is the first of many spread offenses the defense will see this season. After playing against it all spring and summer, they will look to prove that they can stuff the spread for 60 minutes of real football.

Special Teams: Aside from a missed field goal and a non-spectacular kick return, special teams was steller against ULM. Consistancy may be one of the hardest things about college football, and a lot of it is mental. Eddie Gran's unit can build a lot of confidence with another big performance today.

Coaching: Tony Franklin said he did a terrible job coaching the ULM game last week. With Todd in and Burns out, his job is simpler today. I'll be watching to see if he will commit to running the football (at least 50% of the time) and if he has enough confidence in Todd to let him win, or lose, the game.

Overall: Does anyone remember the last time Auburn played well in an 11:30 game? Auburn has showed the ability to win the big game under Tuberville. But make no mistake, this team won't be satisfied with just beating LSU or Georgia or Bama this year. They want to win a championship. You have to win the little games to win championships, and the the little games, in the SEC, kickoff at 11:30. Auburn can shake a big monkey off their back and give themselves an important mental boost by playing 60 of good solid football.