Patience Is Needed On The Plains

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Patience. Its a word that many understand but have trouble using. It's even tougher for those that live in the South when it comes to college football. Patience is a very thin line between satisfaction and discontent.

For Auburn fans, many, including myself, are not pleased with what has transpired this season thus far. This was supposed to be a team vying for the SEC West. This was supposed to be set up well for Auburn to go to the SEC Championship. None of this has happened.

Seven games in, Auburn is out of the SEC West race. They are a team that does not know who they are. Last week's loss to Arkansas proved all what I have written so far.

Even though the situation is grim, Auburn fans need to have patience. It is true we are out of the SEC West race, but that does not mean we are done for this season.

In last week's game, I saw a team that looked like it was out on the field for the first time. Yes, the offense was bland, and it gave another dismal performance. I saw something in that game though that I wonder if anyone else took notice.

I saw a team that was trying to get it together.

Think of it this way dear readers, with all that has gone on so far this season, no one on the team has really gotten a chance to settle into the offense. Last week, Auburn was trying out things to see where they are comfortable doing.

Some things worked, and some things didn't. At the end, they almost came back to win the game. To me, this Auburn team is just now starting the season. The problem was it came against a SEC team.

I'm being optimistic I know, but people who have at least followed Auburn in the past few years know that the guys on the team are talented. So I recommend a few things to my fellow members of the Auburn family:

1. Stay calm.

Yes the panic is abundant, but lets not have it take over the season. Auburn still has five games left. Auburn has a good shot at making a bowl game.

2. Forget what Alabama is doing.

Bama is getting their time in the spotlight again. Let them get their limelight. They still have a ways to go as well. Remember, they haven't accomplished what they set out to do this season until they finally beat Auburn.

3. Minimize/Stop the booing.

I've written an article about booing Auburn.

4. Tuberville has been in this situation before.

Remember 2001 when a hapless Alabama team with only four wins beat Auburn in Jordan-Hare? Remember 2003 when Auburn was supposed to win it all? Tuberville has been on the hot seat before, and he's managed to pull it out. Don't count him out just yet.

Here's my final word. Don't give up on these players. Don't give up on the coaches just yet. There are five games left. I have a feeling that something is on the horizon. Only time will tell the fate of the 2008 season.