This Week's Picks

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3-3 two weeks ago, life kept me away from picking last week.

As far as Tony Franklin's firing, I think the most succinct way to sum up my feeling is: IF Tommy Tuberville felt that the offense wasn't going to improve this season, AND that the risk-reward factor for the next several seasons wouldn't improve the offense exponentially, then he made the right move. Get back to what you do well on offense and, most importantly, RECRUIT with that mindset. If this was a knee-jerk reaction to a loss to Vanderbilt and rough performances against Tennessee and Mississippi State, then you have every reason to be worried.

With that, here are the picks:

Oklahoma 27 (-7)
Texas 17

East Carolina 27 (-6.5)
Virginia 20

Tennessee 13
Georgia 34 (-12.5)

Arkansas 7
Auburn 24 (-16.5)

Iowa State 28
Baylor 37 (-5)

Oklahoma State 38 (+14)

Missouri 51

LSU 23 (+6)
Florida 27

Oregon 52 (-19.5)