Football betting is huge! No one can argue with that. But, since there are a few different football leagues on which you can bet on, there is some controversy on which league is most profitable to bet on, which league is easiest to pick winners, which offers the best football odds, which league offers the most online betting opportunities, etc. Today, we are going to examine some of the differences in betting between the NFL, NCAA football and to a smaller extent, the CFL.

NFL is king when most people think about sports betting. More money is bet on NFL games than any other football league by a large margin. So, it should be obvious that if you want to make money betting on football, you should focus on the NFL. This is generally a valid statement, as many of the big money gamblers bet on the NFL exclusively. But, there are a few issues. First, since NFL betting activity is so high, the people who set the football odds and come up with the lines generally don’t offer good odds or set the spread very close. Since there are so few teams (compared to the NCAA) the odds makers spend more time studying each team and know more about each team. This means that the chance for everyone to win is higher, but that also means that your edge is minimized.

NCAA, on the other hand, is a little bit different. First, you are dealing with younger kids, not professionals, and they can sometimes be inconsistent. They are obviously not as skilled as NFL players, and sometimes can crack under pressure. Also, since there is no NCAA draft and players are recruited by coaches, teams can be more unbalanced and stronger players can really take over the game. Couple that with the fact that NCAA teams are not as heavily studied by odds makers as NFL teams and the spreads are usually a little bit looser, and NCAA football seems like a pretty good betting opportunity.

Lastly, there is the CFL. This is a smaller league, with not as many teams, not as many bettors and the players aren’t as skilled. Generally speaking, the CFL is not a good betting opportunity. There are too few opportunities and the betting information available is subpar compared to the NFL and NCAA.

So, back to the original question… what is the best football league to bet on? Well, to me, it is a tossup between the NFL and NCAA. The NCAA offers more opportunities because there are more teams and more games, and is arguably easier to successfully handicap, but NFL has the most money and play, and it is where the best bettors prove themselves. If you want to bet on football, it is probably a good idea to bet on both. Most bookmakersoffer the chance to bet on both, so why not give it a shot? There’s nothing to lose!


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